BYN x upGrad Originals : The Office Canteen Ep01 |Today's Special - Platter Feat.

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    Produced by : Nick
    Directed by : Vivek Menon, Nick
    Written by : Nick, Vivek Menon, Omkar Shinde and Anant T.
    Dialogues by : Omkar Shinde
    Additional Dialogues by : Nick, Vivek Menon
    DOP : Chetan Dholi
    2nd Unit DOP : Wasim Ansari
    Edited by : Sushant Chopdekar
    Production Managers : Anant T, Kiran Yelve, Murali Thevar
    Original Background Score and Sound Design : Rohit Madhusudanan
    Colour Grading and Graphics : Amit Arulkar
    DOP Assistant : Dheeraj Chaurasia
    Location Managers : Chandrashekhar Yadav and Sourabh Joshi
    Subtitles by : Omkar Shinde
    Production Assistant : Omkar Gosavi
    Thumbnail : Bhavika Patil
    Camera Attendant : Rahul Chaudhry
    On Set Sound : Manoj Agrahari, Surjeet (Bless Films Pvt Ltd.)
    Equipments : LBS Equipment
    Lights : Golden Lights
    Junior Talent : Murad and Team
    Hair and Make-up by : Tejaswini Gangawane

    Cast : Nick, Tushar Khair, Kumar Varun, Nikhil Sharma, Ayush Mehra, Viraj Ghelani, Karan Sonawane, Anant T, Nikhil Tari, Vishal Amare, Lijin Thomas

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    Viraj Ghelani:
    Nikhil Sharma:

    Brand Partnerships: Monk Entertainment

    Special Thanks :
    Anshuman Agrahari \u0026 Ashish Gaikwad (upGrad Team)
    Mohit Jagtiani \u0026 Shubha Pai (Google Team)
    Aishwarya Kerkar (Monk-E Team)

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    1. MONSTER Op

      13:36 aala motha shanna that's what we want ❤️❤️❤️

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      Nikhil is looking so handsome

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    7. Kashyap here

      it more looked like a collab with filtercopy than mumbiker nikhil

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    9. Barz Nation

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      5 cups 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    11. abhiram madhav

      The toothpaste diameter idea came from a malayalam movie "King liar"

    12. Aditya Gaikwad

      Lol Rupesh Misal 😂😂😂 that was really good.


      Sampla vidhay.... Rupesh misal. 😂😂😂

    14. AWman OP

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      Not only one scene, all the scenes were just awesome!

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    20. Raveena Ben Patel

      The Ayush mehra part ❤❤

    21. suraj singh

      Awsmmm series

    22. Vivek Sharma


    23. Akshay Rao

      Nice concept.

    24. Ananya Saha

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      Underrated AF

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    43. Love kumar sahu

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    44. THE NATURE


    45. THE NATURE


    46. THE NATURE


    47. Sukhveer Arora

      Just saw iPhone in the waiter’s pocket 😂😂 chutney or aloo bech ke iphone liya hai 😂😂

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      Beyounick and his co stars are all fantastic ,if you talk about focused indian he is just for that reels type only content , I have never seen charm on his acting, woh hamesha muh bada karke hasta hain is constant of focused indian

    67. civil_ arc

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      Nikhil make up se jada chutiya laav raha hai..

      1. Toxic

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      14:12 dialogue copy from a South movie

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