BYN SHOTS : How To Give Her Your Phone Number Like A Pro

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    1. Bantu Zero

      Did anyone just noticed larry wheels ?

    2. Mohd Sinan

      Larry wheeels

    3. sanjay kumareshan

      Stop posting crap and get back to ur original videos Nick.

    4. VSHU YT

      I guess that's Larry who picked nick anyone notice 💪✌

    5. GamingShow - BD

      Fact : there is no description in this Video

    6. NFSRAVI

      Dude that was Larry wheels

    7. Fired Terminator

      Who knows that bodygaurd was Larry wheels

    8. DB_V8

      The girl’s dress is awesome

    9. Ritesh Dhakad

      What is name of that girl

    10. A-CARS TV

      Normal people : laughs LEGENDs : her name

      1. Dionysus D

        I actually wanna know her name

    11. Soman Satpathy

      Was that larry wheels?🤣🤣🤣🤣

    12. Ajay Chakraborty

      0:40 pause the video ..... isn't it Lary Wheels 🙄?

    13. Ahasan Chowdhury

      He talks like dj mrinal agree?

    14. Shewta Aggarwal fitness


    15. Rahat Kochhar

      And if anyone's number starts from 8bor 9

    16. Evil Drago

      This is an old video which is re-upload

    17. duker

      who is she

    18. J H

      What her name

    19. Jashanpreet Singh

      Can anybody😊😉😉 tell me the girls name

    20. HKB GAMING

      She is looking like alright wali didi with blonde hair

    21. Jayesh Patel

      whats her name guys

    22. Sai Kapil

      What If my apartment does have only 5 floors? Then how can i give my number like a pro????

    23. Pawan Yadav

      Someone tell her name

    24. Pushkar Gupta

      Only legends will notice that,Larry wheels is lifting him😂😂 Plot twist:- He's only the actual boyfriend of that girl😂😂

      1. REAL VISION

        Legends already knew this on the 1st upload

    25. Lone Wolf

      Og nick subs know that this is reposted. It was a video but now it's a short

    26. Nagesh Gopwad

      Who's that girl

    27. Arrow Space

      What if the number has 9 in it 🧑‍💻🐕‍🦺

    28. messedupkid

      Ayo, is nobody gonna talk about how simple it was to guess the twist in this video.

    29. Shirish Gawande

      This guy ,🤔 nothing to comment 😴

    30. vishal mandal

      is she really his gf?

    31. Kankan Ray

      Larry wheels be like Dubai aake ladki uthaiga hum tumko utha lega 😂

    32. Education Tube

      Rambaa hoo😂🤣

    33. IFLAQ Gull 16

      What if nicks mobile no. Had 7 , 8 , 9, digits because the lift number pad had only digits upto 6

    34. Rohit Kumar

      gosh Larry Wheels

    35. PANDA YT 1710

      WHO IS THAT GIRL ????

    36. Anish Manakapure

      BYN with Just Sul 😂😂😂

    37. Superheros - OP

      Legends know that the video is reuploaded.

    38. Danny Salvatore

      Who is she?

    39. Demon King

      sadstory i have 9 in my number....trick didn't work

    40. Lalit Mehta

      That song 🤣🤣🤣

    41. R Santosh Kumar Mudaliar

      What's is the girl Name?...

    42. Football fanatic ⚽

      0:19 mashallah kya cleavage hai...wah ❤️🔥

    43. Anuj gupta

      Only focus on line 🔥🔥

    44. A star V

      Who is the girl

    45. Shre FF

      Legend is back

    46. Zero Man

      Just Sul nailed it

    47. Nas

      I know this girl she once streaked Champions League

    48. Kitshla Timungpi

      It vry short 🙄🙄

    49. Dishant Pawar

      All one plus users for a sec thought that mujhe he phone aya xd

    50. Abhinav Kumar

      What's her Name?

    51. Ujjwal Murmu

      It's Just sul's copy video.


      Just sul

    53. Darshan Hande

      Heroine name

    54. Darshan Hande

      Actress name

    55. Mukund jha

      Someone noticed - there were no 9,8,7 in the number pad and no Indian number exist with 9/8/7 😐

    56. Ankit Kumar Baranwal

      That girls mamme was too big.

    57. Backbenchers Empire

      Nick= Takes phone 📱 number of that girl.. The man 👨 standing in lift = gajab bejjati h 😂

    58. Arch Prep

      नुसता Reupload

    59. Lucky Dv

      Abe Nick dusro ki girl friend ko cher ne ki kosis karega to yahi hu ga nah😂😂😂

    60. sagar

      Legend larry 🥰🥰🙏🙏

    61. Anand Shukla


    62. arbitrage gaming

      Just sul is amazing

    63. parth trivedi

      Abe chutiye kitne baar dalega ek he video

    64. Pawar Vithal


    65. Riya Thakre


    66. Hasim saifi

      Larry wheel😮😮😮

    67. Pankaj Bansode

      Sauce pls

    68. Winzo Gamer

      Nice video

    69. Anil Paul

      He reupload the video from just sul

    70. Anil Paul

      Just sul

    71. Coolguy S

      What’s her name ? Can anyone please tell me?

    72. Manthan Rajguru

      Get new

    73. Time Pass

      Its larry wheels who lifted you



    75. 47 - Mayankesh Varshney - VIII C

      What if his number starts with 9,8 or 7 😂😂😂

    76. Triple S

      That moment when u realized that the cleavage wasn't visible in the thumbnail : 🤓😝

    77. Praphull Rajput

      Is that Amanda

    78. Praphull Rajput

      Is that Amanda

    79. Kevin Shah

      Bhai no. Me 7,8,9, to he hi nahi

    80. Shaurya Vashisht


    81. prince bhutani

      The one who picked him up was @Larry Wheels OH MY GOD

    82. PRO KILLERS 9


    83. Virat Agnihotri

      evrything was smooth then i realised its byn

    84. Silent Gamer

      0:32 😂

    85. Anonymous

      Me thinking how unique is his number with no 7,8,9 digits

    86. Akshay Dhanwate

      I have not seen her face in shorts... 😆😅😙

    87. Youtube Home

      Rambba hooo hoo😁😁😁

    88. Biswarup Pramanik

      The girls is beautiful .

    89. Siddharth

      Girl name in this video.

    90. Sahil chavan

      Bro that's Larry wheels lol

    91. SNG_Flawless1

      Legends know it JustSul

    92. Mustansir Cycle wala

      Waah bete moj kardi😂

    93. Rishabh Dev 10th D


    94. Jyotirmoy Talukdar

      Name of the girl?

    95. Vladimir Putin

      This is reuploaded

    96. AJU MAsTi

      Naya koi content nahin hain... Joona poorana sey video chala rahan hain





    99. Ganesh Gambhire

      Bhaiii yeee loot kr kangal kr degii tuze..😆😆VITALY'Z tv wale ko kr diya...🙏😆🙏😆


      I guess I have already seen this video but saw this again only for BeYouNick