BYN SHOTS : How To Speak Fluent French!

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    1. rahul bhogale

      i also speak French french fries french toast😄

    2. manav versatile

      Kat kristiana.!!!! Yes or no

    3. qwerty

      come on this is disrespecting to the languages😔😔 so immature....

    4. Shashikant Mitkari

      The correct translation is: ble fu ble me poo poo..🤣🤣🤣

    5. Si Sedor

      This is very disrespectful

    6. Praveen Konda

      copy cats. this is key and peele

    7. suraj

      It is racist video...bit indian dont care about those thing's..

    8. Chayanika Bora

      Arrey yeh to " *Your food lab* " hein....

    9. 6045 BASICS


    10. Street Food 7


    11. Sanu Barai

      Hahaha.. Bare harami ho bete 😂😂

    12. YP DRIVE

      Me too knows French Bonjour 😂😅

    13. piyush dadhich

      Copy to dhang se kerta

    14. I AM 100z

      PAmost recommend me the best funniest video ever 🤣😄😅

      1. I AM 100z

        @qwerty why 🤔

      2. qwerty

        this is disrespectful

    15. S2D-085 Vyas Gawand

      Song at end ???



    17. Sanjana Jadhav


    18. memebybarik

      That girl is from Splitsvilla 💯

    19. OldkidYohaan

      She was on spistvilla!!!

    20. amit patel

      Muh se Supari thook k baat kar re baba😂😂

    21. memes and more

      And on the day of breakup a real French guy came across them and his girlfriend asked him to speak with the French guy...........

    22. Harsimardeep singh Rikhra

      She is kat from Splitsvilla

    23. Dr B Indhulekha

      Searched "How to speak French fluently" Ye-

    24. gill saab

      Chinese invent COVID This dude orders their roast in last 3 seconds.

    25. Priyanshu Kumar

      How all are here for kat

    26. Raviraja Ballipara

      Is she Lenskart Girl ??

    27. Shirish Gawande

      The only thing you know ,was "SPEAKING TUNINGS"

    28. Aditya Jadhav

      Who's she?

    29. Varchasva More

      Slightly racist 😂😂😂

    30. Meenu Dhiman

      I know French and they are speaking very well

    31. salfly

      Kat ❤️😂

    32. KEDAR KOLI

      😂 😂 😂 😂 🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥

    33. Kritesh Agarwal

      I know French and I guarantee they were speaking perfect French. 🧐

    34. May - May Centre

      Everyone : Shorts Nick : Shots Since 2016. Be younick. ;)

    35. Shobha 0(now) to .......


    36. Zero Man

      Nailed it Boss 👌

    37. nomadsumit

      key and peele

    38. Notorious Neo

      The server had resemblance to Arshad Warsi.

    39. Arkadipta Saha

      Just a coincidence Key and pele have a skit similar to this

    40. RajeShahaji


    41. ThunderGirl

      Kat and Nik.... 🥰

    42. Sunil Munde

      Kat Kristian 😘😘

    43. Phanin Gogoi

      Is that kat?

    44. Dipankar Das


    45. stls dhs


    46. hopeer V

      Any foreigners who are here...plss like this comment

    47. himanshu mital

      in the last he said shin poaun poau chu chutiya lol that chutiya word maked me laughed

    48. ammarah rais

      Why do you have to copy key and peele🤦🥴

    49. Mighty Insaan

      Comment ça va

    50. Sidharth Jain

      Kat Kristian

    51. Dark Metal

      Padron my French but sab ke lore lag gaye hai

    52. Ipshita Kanungo

      Nick speaking french reminded me of the time when Joey tried to learn French 😂

    53. SD Solutions

      Smart boy😁😁

    54. Ankita Sharma

      Who is here after seeing Kat?

    55. City International School India

      did she just said "I didn't KNEW" ? 😏

    56. sakthi ganesh

      That girl name on the video pls

    57. Rishikesh Nipunge


    58. Ashok Agicha


    59. Shital Mahajan

      She is kat ,from Splitsvilla

    60. Robin Jacob

      Feels like a copy of key and peele

    61. Navneet Rathod

      Op bhai OP

    62. Navneet Rathod

      Ohhhh bhai maro maro mujhe😁😂😂😂

    63. Ahmed jazz

      Just hoped they dont copy key and peele...didnt disappoint 🔥💯

    64. Mind rules

      Waiter is awesome 😂

    65. Lakhan Singh Bhargav

      Are Wah maza aa gya 😂😀

    66. Good Things

      Laughed after long time

    67. Ram

      Isn't she Kat from Splitsvilla 🤔

    68. Anshu Karna Bhambhani


    69. Honey sing new rap honey singh new rap

      Nick bhai is oop

    70. Palak Bichpuria

      World would be much better place if all the waiters around the world are same 😁😁

    71. Abhijeet Sharma

      Keeye n peel ko chod do bro

    72. Asterlyte

      Chinese wala best😂

    73. sharad mishra

      If vines were made in 17th century...smh

    74. VinitPawar2414

      Can i get her insta id

    75. Kushaal Das

      First half is key & peel but the 2nd half is great.

    76. lambu sarkar - लम्बू सरकार


    77. praveen gupta

      Key and Peel se churaya hua Item.

    78. Saksham Budhiraja

      I didnt knew boli kat😭🤬

    79. Shivam

      Kat Kristian from splitsvilla

    80. Rebel Gamer Official


    81. Vivek Gaikar

      Always best youtuber 🙌🏻

    82. ALROY Lobo


    83. CarryMinati


    84. suresh sharma

      Thsts why nick is a special talent...among all youtubers

    85. Dino T-Rex

      Kat is here from Splitsvilla 13 😯😅

    86. Adarsh Subramanian

      What is the name of the song that plays in the background at 0:50? Can someone please tell?

    87. Shivam Tyagi

      Beta... Bade harami ho!!

    88. Malhar Ansingkar

      If you really wanna learn French Contact JOEY TRIBBIANI best in the world.

    89. Umesh Kumar


    90. Aakash Yadav

      Areyyy bhaiii😂😂

    91. Hashir Ansari

      Bade harami ho beta😏

    92. pratik

      Kuch bhi.😂😂😂

    93. Dinesh Khatri

      Me usko baad me whatsapp karta hu😂😂

    94. Mind blowing gamer

      office canteen part 4!!!!


      Release the office canteen episode 4 already 😞

    96. Ben Subedi

      That Oi had us in the first half!!!

    97. Amit Sahu

      Bahut sahi 😂😂😂😂

    98. Shivani Pendkar

      She has white hair ..

    99. amit pathak

      Tu pehla banda hai jisne muzhe hasaya

    100. Swapnil Ghate

      French is like my second language - Ajinkya Rahane